It’s easy! We drive to you with our fully-equipped mobile grooming salon and groom your animal on the spot! Our amazing staff is dedicated to the excellent care and grooming of your dog or cat without the trouble and stress of traditional pet grooming.

All pets are welcome, but our mobile pet grooming solution is great for senior pets, nervous pets, and arthritic pets.

Pricing is based on the time it takes to groom your pet, weight of the pet, and difficulty of the groom.  See our pricing page.

Here are our Available Dog Grooming Services:

Bath & Brush
This is for the pet that really doesn’t require a haircut, but likes to look, feel and smell their best! A regular 4 week schedule will help to prevent shedding in your home and keep your pet looking and feeling its best. We offer 3 types of shampoo: Shed Less, Hypoallergenic and Regular.

We provide a luxury Bath & Brush utilizing the finest shampoos while gently massaging and providing specific care for your pet’s needs. We also condition the coat leaving a silky smooth finish.

Fluff Dry
Warm air hand fluff drying, no cage drying.

Nails trimmed and then filed to provide a scratch and chip free look, good for you, your furniture, and your pet.

Clean Ears / Hair Removal
Routine dog ear care is extremely important to the ongoing health of your pet. Ears are checked and cleaned.

Essential Oils Cologne


Blueberry Facial

Nail Grinding

Haircut / Shavedown

Ears, Face, Paws, Tail, Sanitary Trim

Bows & Bandanas


DeShedding Treatment

Flea & Tick Treatment

DeSkunk Treatment


Our Available Cat Grooming Services:

Bath & Brush

Nail Trim

Feline Haircut

Lion Cut

Aurora Cat & Dog Grooming & Wash Services